Christopher Escher

Christopher Escher is the father of Jonathan Escher, a Morgan Autism Center student since 2005. Sweet-tempered and non-verbal, Jonathan has blossomed under the caring professionalism of Morgan Autism Center staff. Of note, he has made special strides in self-help skills.

Christopher decided to join Morgan Autism Center’s Board of Directors in 2013 in an effort to assist with the marketing and communications functions at the school. As secretary of the board, Christopher is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of board documentation and reporting. He is also head of the Communications Committee.

Professionally, Christopher worked at Apple for 12 years in various communications roles. He completed his career there in 1996 as vice president of corporate communications. He also served in executive marketing roles at various high-tech start-ups, completing his business career at Google as Creative Director from 2000 to 2006. He attended Stanford University, where he received a BA in 1980 and master’s degree in English literature in 1981.