Ted Moorhead

Back in 2009 a fellow Rotarian approached Ted about Morgan Autism Center. At that time the organization was looking for additional board members, and Ted was looking to give back to the community. The special needs space quickly gots his attention as he has a daughter with special needs. She is not at Morgan Autism Center, but she receives help from many well intentioned and caring people, just like they deliver. After touring the program and doing his own due diligence, it was very clear that Morgan Autism Center was a leading organization in a growing space; that Ted thought he could help.

Ted’s position and purpose of being on the board is to help focus on the long-term viability of the organization. Ted uses his background at Merrill Lynch as a Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at the Santana Row branch to do so. He is proud to say that the diligent and persistent efforts by faculty in the past are evident in the service Morgan Autism Center provides now. With the forward thinking of fellow board members and the drive of the entire staff, Morgan Autism Center can continue to prosper and be on the leading edge of the continual changing face of Autism.

A special thanks goes out to all the people who give of their time and money, allowing Morgan Autism Center to be successful in what it does!