Shaila Prabhu

Shaila began her career teaching college students courses in Business, Economics and Management in India before emigrating to the United States with her husband. She has always wanted to teach and came across an opportunity at Morgan Autism Center advertised in the classified section of the San Jose Mercury Newspaper. She interviewed for the position of an Instructional Aide and joined the program in August 2001. Her experience working with the students and staff led her to San Jose State University for her Special Education Credentials and she graduated with a Master’s in Special Education in June 2010. She has been the lead teacher in 2 different classrooms over the last 14 years. The school’s principles regarding working with the students, the staff support, and the culture at the school is why she has stayed in the only position that she has worked at in the United States. She enjoys her work and looks forward to being at work every day.